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The Hon Vickie Chapman MP, Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, Member of the Executive Council, unveiled the Women in Agriculture & Business of SA ‘s large banner at the office of the Hon Tim Whetstone MP on Thursday 17th January, 2019.

A plaque has been added to the quilt.  The wording is:

This quilt was created by Branch members of
Women’s Agricultural Bureau (WAB) to
commemorate their 80th birthday in 1997.

The organisation was renamed
Women in Agriculture and Business in 1999.

WAB celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2017.
It is the oldest women’s group in South Australia.

The quilt was unveiled here by the Hon Vickie Chapman MP, Deputy Premier of SA
on January 17th 2019

Report of Unveiling 17.1.19

State President talk at WAB Banner – unveiling – 17.1.19