Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Vision

Women in Agriculture and Business of SA Inc. (WAB) is a peak rural organisation creating confident skilled women recognised for their leadership and contribution to vibrant and sustainable communities.

Our Mission

To facilitate a range of activities through a state-wide network which supports, encourages and develops women with rural, agricultural and business interests, in their role as key decision makers and facilitators in rural communities and in primary industries.

Aims and Objectives

  • To encourage interest and participation in activities of rural people and organisations, especially in primary industries.
  • To promote goodwill, friendship and understanding among members.
  • To provide effective leadership to link Women in Agriculture and Business and Agricultural Bureau activities through the membership network.
  • To generate opportunities for educational, cultural and technical advancement to members, combining with other rural organisations where appropriate.
  • To encourage and foster the ability of women to take a shared responsibility for the community in which we live – from local to world level.
  • To press for recognition of the needs and worth of rural people at all levels of government.
  • To promote and support the preservation of our environment and ecology and care for the land.

Examples of ways that aims and objectives are incorporated into Branch Programs (click link)

WAB Aims and Objectives in practice