Privacy Policy

Women in Agriculture and Business of South Australia Inc. (WAB)

Privacy Policy January 2019

WAB is a South Australia wide organisation of Rural Women, or those with a keen interest in Agriculture and Rural Businesses. We are committed to honouring the privacy of our members and donors at all times. This document explains why we collect some personal data and how we will protect your privacy both within the membership and on the WAB web pages and Face book site.

The organisation reserves the right at any time and without notice to change this Privacy Policy by simply posting such changes on our site. Changes will be effective immediately.

The Information We Collect

Data collected by WAB is used only to help the organisation better serve its members and donors. Our policy is to collect and store only the personal information our members and donors knowingly provide. We do not request nor store sensitive information such as personal data from our visitors.

Member Information

When applying to join the organisation members will provide their name, postal address, email address and phone number(s). Branches also ask for date of birth which is needed for insurance purposes.

Each Branch membership list will be securely stored by each Branch Secretary (or other member as determined by the Branch membership).

Branch lists are forwarded to WAB Admin and Membership Officer for safe storage and for communication within the organisation. The News Editor will also have access to email or postal information for distribution of newsletters.

Banking information will not be stored nor kept any longer than is absolutely necessary for the processing of subscriptions, conference registrations or merchandise purchases by the Admin or Merchandise Officer.

A Directory is collated each year of the Organisation’s State Office Bearers listing their Name, postal address, email address and phone number(s). The Presidents and secretaries of each Branch will be included in the Directory with name, branch, postal address, email address and phone number(s). The Directory is necessary for communication within the organisation.

One copy (printed or digital) of this Directory is held by the State President, Admin officer, each Regional Coordinator and each Branch Secretary. It is our policy that none of this personal information is shared without consent from the individual concerned.

Mobile phone numbers and email addresses can occasionally be shared for communication purposes at the discretion of the person(s) holding or with access to the information, again with consent from the individual involved.

A consent form is to be signed by each member or sponsor for the sharing of personal information and photos that may be displayed in the media (print or digital) for promotional purposes and to increase the visibility of the organisation.

Membership lists are undated each year and members are asked to check that the information held by WAB is accurate, with any changes submitted to the Branch Secretary (or other) who will then notify WAB Admin.

Members are able to alter their details (eg addresses, phone numbers) at any time by informing the Branch Secretary who will then notify the Membership Officer.

Branches will keep a record of attendance at all Branch meetings. The aggregate numbers are included in the regular Branch reports (Usually after each meeting) and are used for statistical purposes and when assessing an application for an award.

Sending Group Emails

Members responsible for sending information to all members (eg Newletters), or groups of members (eg Branch information) will be encouraged to protect private email addresses by using the CC or BCC sections in the address box. (using the principle of ‘Who needs to know?”).

Media (Print and digital)

Consent must be obtained from people whose name and or photo is to be submitted for inclusion in print material, face book page, web page or other public document. We recommended only mobile phone numbers or email addresses be included if contact information is necessary.

General Users

WAB does not collect any personal information from users browsing our sites. Users browse anonymously. Only aggregate data such as the number of hits or ‘likes’ is collected and does not include any personal information.

How We Use Information Held

For communication only within the Membership

Disclosure to Third Parties: WAB does not provide any personal identifying information to a third party without your permission.

The WAB member appointed at an AGM to be  State President, Web Manager(s) or Facebook Manager will be the only persons up-loading information onto the public digital sites.

Branch members who submit reports to the print media will have consent from any person included, either verbally or via a signed WAB consent form.

Our policy is that any upload images to the website will not include embedded location data and will only include information that members and sponsors have knowingly provided.

How Long Do We Retain Your Data

Branch Membership lists and Member Awards are kept in hard copy until digitalised when the hard copies will be sensitively destroyed.

These lists are held securely in Branch records or archived by the WAB Admin, Membership and Awards officers and Historian indefinitely.

Other Web Sites

Our web site contains links to other websites. Please note that when you click on one of these links you are entering another website for which WAB has no responsibility. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on all such sites as their policies may be different from ours.  Be aware of the inherent risks with transmission of information via the internet. Users should assess any potential risks to the security of their personal information when deciding to utilise internet sites.

For those who do not wish to use these networks when seeking information from or about  us we can be contacted by email.


Members and Supporters Registering on Internet Sites

If in the future we have information we wish to disseminate to Members and Supporters only this will be held on secure sites, accessed by member and sponsorship registration. Any information required to register to a site will be provided voluntarily. Members and supporters may be asked to provide information including name, postal address, email address.

Accessing This Privacy Statement

Members can  download a copy on the link below..

Privacy Policy 

January 2019